Friday, January 3, 2014

Have you, people of Hapan, accepted Emperor Kitty as your personal daily horoscope adviser and friend?

"For those alien trade nations that trade in war, murder, and imperial corporate profits over the spiritual benefit of their own people, these nations will have their unpublished pentagon patent secrets published and held in International public trust for all the world to use for the benefit of all. Liquid Metal Technology should belong in the hands of all, not in the hands of the military elite few. Be2(SiO)4 samurai swords have the sharpest edge of all."

"If the stockholders are the owners of Hapanese corporations, then they should be required to pay out 51% of their profits to their stockholders. Corporate ownership of their own stock by corporate executives and board members should be limited to 12% by law."

"China may see this move as a threat against their imperial Blue/Red spiritual economic position in the world, but they need to lower their Great Walls to trade agreements that are on a Confucian, equal basis."

"All alien nations outside Hapan's sphere of social and economic influence needs to be given economic credits according to their geodesic wealth. Hapan will give these nations credits for underground wealth at a 60 to 20/20 goddess split, which makes the debit nation the greater winner."

Before the Hapanese Government Assembly, The Chairpersons of the Empress suggest that Hapan create a universal banking system of check and balances so that no one magician can dominate world trade.

Emperor Kitty stars in: Emperor Kitty and the 111 Goddess Conundrum, an AHB-50 Production

As the mascot of the Resurrection Band, AHB-50, Emperor Kitty, has been elevated to high Empress standing in poster height: 50 feet above the sound stage, when the Emperor of Hapan retires from Goddess duty and appoints his First Dragon Son and his wife, Chairperson Emperor/Empress for his granddaughter, AB Kitty, until she come of age when she is 18 years old.

AB Kitty's first speech as the future Empress of Japan is, "You have nothing to fear but the fear within you, itself." 

Emperor Kitty: What a dick you had in Roosevelt.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Featured AHB-50 members of the day.

AKB-50: Vol 20

The Last Kitty in the Resurrection Pool is a bad Fuji egg.

Voldemort's Tibetan Costume before the resurrection Star Wars Party in Israel. Princess Reverse Trinity must be going to be killed in the near near future, probably Star War IX. Dark Crystal Resurrection saves the Jesus/Jew day at the Jew Temple Mount of the Golden Dawn Light Age of Voldemort israel.

Voldemort's Nazi Golden Dawn Temple of Jerusalem associated with the three sisters of China. Pull their organs out in the street and resurrect them later in Jerusalem when Voldemort is resurrected from the dead there.

Falun Gong symbol.

The King Tut Empress of Tibet; The real walking Buddha went off the face of the Earth. There are 5 sister goddesses of Nepal. There are two in Japan and three in China. The three in China are rowing together with Voldemort in England.

Nipponese Emperor 10; son of God/dess. No nerdy glasses or mumpy cheeks. A proud son of God/dess; not a weak kneed jerk-off before the military prick gods of Japan.

Emperor 11: If you will notice, there are 11 bands of solar light in the background of this picture. If Goddess was sure of defeat during WWII, she would have send down herself in the Emperor 11 flesh. Therefore, Emperor 10 is her Magician Sun of Goddess in heaven. It is a confusing case of mistaken Imperial identities that does not escape the attention of a 21 magician or his 11 daughter.

Big Daughter 11 help is on the way to Hapan for conference with First Son Emperor.

Pink underwear below Emperor's Prick's shirt.

Purple Empress underwear

Empress Little's Fan Club

Little Empress at Parade Rest

Second Daughter Dragon/Son of the Imperial Pink Empress Fleet. AHB-59.

The snakebite revolution against prick government and prick emperor and prick Jesus and prick Jap-America is in full swing in Hapan.